How Shade Sails Can Make Your School More Environmentally Friendly

Shade sails are an effective and attractive way to keep your students cool at school, but that's not all they're good for. You may be surprised to learn that shade sails can also make your school more environmentally-friendly. Here's how. They Cool Classrooms Without Energy The main reason schools use shade sails is to keep students cool when they're outside playing and chatting. However, they're good for more than just cooling the outdoors. [Read More]

4 Smart Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

There are no shortage of bedroom storage options, but what if your bedroom doesn't have space for chests of drawers, bookcases and freestanding tables? Small bedrooms can quickly become cluttered, and it can be frustrating trying to make the space functional and aesthetically pleasing, but there are ways to make use of dead space and keep those essential items stored out of the way. Here are four smart storage ideas for bedrooms that lack space: [Read More]

3 Efforts To Plan An Effective Pool Cleaning Schedule

Having a pool in your yard can be a ton of fun for the whole family. You can entertain guests or simply enjoy the comfort of a pool as a family. But with a beautiful swimming pool comes the added job of maintenance. Here are some efforts to help you plan an effective pool cleaning schedule. Work With A Single Pool Care Company Pool cleaning, repairs and maintenance are important when you have a pool at home, so it is always best to work with a single company who can take care of all of these things for you rather than having to find multiple resources for different aspects. [Read More]

Benefits of a Mini Split System Air Conditioner in a Tiny Home

As you look over tiny home plans to find the one that is right for you, you may notice there is no air conditioning system. This is due partly to size of the tiny home and partly to mobility. Box or window fans can take up too much room. Window units may not be suitable for your traveling intentions with your tiny home. An option to consider are mini split systems. [Read More]